During the onboarding process, you will receive an ORG_ID and API KEY from us. It is highly recommended that you copy and securely save these values for future use, as they are required to manage your product catalog using our API. In case you did not save these values during the onboarding process, You can still retrieve them by going to My account -> API details from the dashboard.

Authentication API

Zevi AI

In order to authenticate your request you must include two below mentioned parameters in the headers with every request you send to Zevi’s endpoints. Include the API Key and Organization ID in the following header with every API request:

  • Organization ID :

  • API key :

curl -L -X POST '' -H "x-zevi-org-id: 63b5a4f23d36jvh3opc1th3dw" \ -H 'x-zevi-api-key: 9a940c8f-4609-4fa8-acab-5f4d55facfea'

This is how your request with headers would appear.