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1. Sign up to

To create an account, Click here to navigate to the sign-up page and provide your email address. Create a strong and secure password for your account.


Upon completing the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please log in to the email account associated with your registration and locate the confirmation email. Click on the link provided within the email to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, login into your account.

2. Submit your details:

To configure your store with advanced search capabilities, we require some essential details from you. Kindly provide the following information accurately:

Name, organization name, the domain name (it is crucial to ensure the correct domain name is provided), Your role and Phone no. (optional).

3. Upload Products offers two options for uploading product catalogues to our servers: CSV file or API. We recommend using the API option for optimal efficiency and convenience. However, if preferred, you may also choose to upload your catalogue as a CSV file.

1. Upload via CSV

For a simple and straightforward start, Zevi.AI allows you to upload your product catalogue using a CSV file format. Please note that there is a file size limit of 10 MB each time you upload.


2. Upload via API

Developers are encouraged to use our APIs for catalogue management, offering greater control and customization options. Our APIs provide robust functionality and seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring efficient and scalable management.


4. Select languages. offers a unique feature that enables searches in language combinations such as Hinglish (Hindi+English) and Spanglish (Spanish+English), even though our product catalogue is currently available only in English. We aim to ensure that our users can comfortably use our platform in their preferred language, regardless of their geographical location.


After uploading the product catalogue via CSV or API, Zevi prompts users to map and select the relevant attributes. This ensures accurate smart suggestions and search results, improving the overall user experience.


6. Get your organization ID and an API key ( keep this safe).​

While onboarding you would be provided with ORG_ID and API KEY, we recommend you copy and keep these values safe and secure. These can be later used to manage your product catalogue via our API. However, in case you did not save it while onboarding, don't worry you can still access these key values via our Configuration option as shown below.


7. Upload the rest of your products via API.

For more details see API Documentation.

Hurray, you have completed all the necessary steps to see our search solution in action. You can start using API Documentation.